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Accuracy  CCLK/SCLK and onboard RTC

Question asked by rschoop on Aug 25, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2010 by rschoop

Dear all,


I have a question here about timing.  No that I have any problema  but  I want to know  if there are any tolerances you have to take into account  when your application  rely  heavily  timing .


With the  GP timer0   I have a period of  10 microseconds ,  and the application which I am working on  counts  the  number of  timer0  interrupts  between events in order to calculate the  frequency of the events.


My question is  how  accurate is the  GP timer0  in the following case  :  core clock  500 MHz  and  peripheral clock 100 MHz   on the   BF538  evaluation board ?


Do I have for example  a rock steady   10.000000 microseconds period ??  Or are any  for example temperature drifts etc. ??


Further the same question for the onboard RTC,  because I use this for time stamps.