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Some questoins for your ADV7626

Question asked by Kaos on Jun 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by Kaos

Dear Sir/Madam,


We are studying for our next product with using your ADV7626s.

Currently we are using your ADV7619+ADV7511.

So we would like to know the difference between ADV7626 and ADV7619+ADV7511?

So I have some questions as followings.
Please refer to my enclosed pdf circuit block diagram, and can you give your good advice to me?


Can ADV7626 works independently each due to that ADV7626 have 2-input and 2-output?


When the signal is inputed by HDCP,
and then release HDCP by the input unit,
and then put HDCP again by the output unit,
and then can send it to next block?


Can the inputed HDMI signal exchange to DVI output?(but delete the sound, the info-frame, and the packet info)


Can ADV7626 convert with our system like followings?
444 to 422
422 to 444
10bit to 8bit
12bit to 10bit
12bit to 8bit
16bit to 12bit
16bit to 10bit
16bit to 8bit
YPbPr to RGB
YCbCr to RGB


When HDCP is inputed to our system as enclosed, can the all sink-device keys do the repeat-write-action? The keys  are still connected the input unit to Out.


Can your ADV7626 input-unit do the sink-action without affect by the connected key on output unit?


We are thinking the another way as ADV7619+ADV7511 instead of 2 ADV7626s also.
So is there the difference of HDCP-sequence when the case of ADV7619+ADV7511?
We doesnt do the calculation of SHA.


Thanks Kaos.