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Executable file format and section definition

Question asked by dacheng on Aug 25, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2010 by CraigG

Hello everyone,

Here I have two questions.

1, I read the user manual, it says the executable file is COFF, but I  saw somewhere else ,the executable file is .dxe, which is said to be a  ELF file.also the article says the .exe is a COFF format. Is this  because that different companies using different executable format?

I am confused with this, can anyone give me an answer?


2, when I read the .asm file, I found that the ".text" is written in a very strange way like the following:


    .sect    ".text"
    .global    _AvgFirCoeff
    .sym    _AvgFirCoeff,_AvgFirCoeff, 51, 2, 256,, 16
    .bss    _OutputDataMem,2,2
    .sym    _OutputDataMem,_OutputDataMem, 3, 3, 16


    .sect    ".cinit:c"
    .align    4
    .field      _OutputDataMem,32        ; _OutputDataPtr @ 0


    .sect    ".text"
    .global    _OutputDataPtr
_OutputDataPtr:    .usect    ".bss:c",4,4
    .sym    _OutputDataPtr,_OutputDataPtr, 19, 2, 32


    .sect    ".cinit:c"
    .align    4
    .field      4,32            ; _GUARD_BITS @ 0

    .sect    ".text"
    .global    _GUARD_BITS
_GUARD_BITS:    .usect    ".bss:c",4,4


I am wondering why the .text section can not be written once, instead  a new section ".cinit:c" is inserted and we have lots of segments of  .text section and .cinit:c section.

Is this the tradition to write DSP assembly? if so can anyone explain why?


Thank you very much.