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ADV7441A in repeater application

Question asked by cdb on Aug 24, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2010 by DaveD

I'm still having trouble with using the ADV7441A in a repeater application.  I thought everything was working since it's been working fine with an Insignia blue ray player.  However I tested with a Samsung blue ray player and it only gives me a black screen.  If I turn off repeater mode in the BCAPS register the Samsung player gives me normal video.  With repeater mode on I only get a black screen.  I've checked to see if I'm writing the BKSVs correctly and it looks fine.  I've also checked to see that I'm setting the KSV List Ready bit when I get an AKSV Update and that looks fine too.  I'm not certain why this particular blue ray player is giving me fits.  I've tried the blue ray player with another repeater and it works fine with that one.


Any suggestions?