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ADP1055 Evaluation Board For 7.4KW Solution

Question asked by Jacky_Chen on Jun 13, 2014
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Dear Sir:

ADP1055 Evaluation Board now only have input 38-60VDC,output 12V, 20A specification,ADI will propose provide input 400VDC,output 60V, 125A DC-DC  Digital Power total solution? I am very interested in ADP1055, but now ADP1055 Evaluation Board Specifications for me request still wants to modify the magnitude is very large, You can provideADP1055-EVALZ”(ADP1055 System Board) and ADP1055DC1-EVALZ(ADP1055 Daughter Card )'s schematic, PCB layout file and gerber to me. I want to try to modify the structure of my own accord needed. Thanks


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