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AD7609 requires 100ns delay for every conversion of 8-channels?

Question asked by rndlab on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by jcolao

Hi all,

     According to data sheet, AD7609 RD and CS requires min delays for high pulses as well as low pulses. But in real time ADC is not reading the data when delays according to the Data sheet are added. It is reading the data when a 100ns delay is added in the ADC reading of 8-channels every conversion?

I have added the 100ns delay immediately after 1st READ. But this delay placing anywhere in the 1st READ process of 16-bits is working in the same manner.


What can be the root cause for this?

I am attaching my code, please suggest me where the problem can be or it is any mistake from my side.

Please reply soon..