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AD9364 No-OS drivers

Question asked by odsanchezg on Jun 13, 2014
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Dear all,


I'm working with the evaluation board AD-FMCOMMS4-EBZ (AD9364) controlled by the carrier KC705.


I am using the HDL reference design which was successfully generated. I plan to use No-OS drivers.


As I have read, there are drivers specially developed for the transceiver AD9364. However, the documentation and sources files I got are for AD9361.


Since both transceivers are similar (AD9361 (2 x 2) and AD9364 (1 x 1)), I suppose I have to adapt the drivers developed for AD9361.


In this case I'll have to create a parematers.h file, and modify all the base address definitions. This process seems a bit long and mistakes can be easily done.


I have seen that there are No-OS drivers for DAC AD9122 and ADC AD9643. Thus, it would be maybe better to forget about the AD9361 drivers, and create my program using AD9122 and AD9643 libraries.


My question: Have somebody developed No-OS libraries specifically for the AD9364 reference design? If not, the most efficient thing to do is to modify the AD9361 files, or develop my own code based on AD9122 and AD9643 drivers?