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ADIS16480 X_DELTVEL_OUT Linear Velocity measurements

Question asked by simireor on Jun 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by NevadaMark

I am trying to read the linear velocity measurements from the ADIS16480 which are internally derived from the accelerometer values. My ADIS16480 is connected through a custom built interface board to a BeagleBone Black (running Angström) and I am using the SPIDEV driver to control the SPI bus.


I can read the product_id, attitude and accelerometer values fine, but when I read the line X_DELTVEL_OUT register (and its y,z neighbours) the values seem to be 'stuck' in between 0xffff to 0x0009. After converting to m/s I get values around the -0.006m/s (0xffff). The graph shows the output after letting it sit for a while and then moving it up and down once quickly. There is basically no change in velocity for small movements.delta_vel_debug.jpg

I am using the following code to convert the 2's complement into a float:


if(x_vel_raw & BITMASK_TEST_2s_NEG){ //if number is negative

        x_vel_raw = ~x_vel_raw;       

        x_vel_raw = x_vel_raw + 1;

        *x_vel = (-1)* ((double) x_vel_raw) * LINEAR_VEL_COUNT_TO_mpsec;      //convert it to m/s


        *x_vel = (double) x_vel_raw * LINEAR_VEL_COUNT_TO_mpsec;     //convert it to m/s




My raw data output from a similar test as the figure above can be found in the attached file.





Are there any prerequisites to using the delta_vel data? Do I need to set a value >0x0000 for the decremention rate (DEC_RATE)?

How do I get proper values out of these registers?


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