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Flash Driver for dsp-21065L

Question asked by lily.kuang on Aug 24, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2010 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan



   I am studying DSP-21065L recently,before that i have been working on 16-bit MCU of Freescale,so DSP is really a new field for me.


   Here I run into a problem while I am trying to modify the flash programmer driver source code which I downloaded from the ADI official net with the EE-280 note, since the flash type on our board is AT29BV040A, not M29W040B, I need to do some modification.


   the hardware connect is exactly the same as shown on the EE-280(Fig.2), when I was trying to run the flash driver source code(with no modification) on my dsp-21065L, I found that no DMA transfer accomplished interrupt happened, the values of the registers are:


   1.  DMASTAT=0000 0080 , once enable the DMA transfer, the value does not change.

   2.  DMAC1: FS =10, which means the EPB1 FIFO buffer is always partially full, I just don't understand.


   And when I debug the code in a single step way, the BMS signal never pull down to 0 level after  * pSYSCO |= BSO;


   So all  in all, no DMA transfer, no chip select, I really  need somebody's help, the deadine of the flash driver modification task is this Friday. So a lot of thanks~~