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ad9361 + no-os + linux devicetree?

Question asked by sbjaver on Jun 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by sbjaver

My apologies if the answer to this is readily available on the web, but I couldn't manage to find anything.


Would anyone be able to point me at a device tree entry that i could use for using the no-os ad9361 driver code under linux? I'm specifically looking for the device tree entry that will create the "/dev/spidev32766.0" device. I have put something together myself based on tidbits i gathered around the web, but i'm getting a "failed to transfer one message from queue" error with 'my' spidev device. The no-os driver works fine on my zedboard+fmcomms2 setup when running bare metal, so it appears that i have something messed up in my linux-based spi driver or its configuration.


For bonus points, is there a uio device tree entry to support the uio device the no-os linux driver is attempting to open for the adc and dac dma's?