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Compressor table address problem

Question asked by DukeDuh on Jun 11, 2014
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Hi John,


I have two questions about the compressor table and transmit data from MCU.

1. If the first address of compressor gain table is 0x0008, the next is 0x0009、0x000A、0x000B, right? And there are 40 sets of parameter     in the table. If I want to change the table through SPI command from MCU.  I packet the 5 sets of parameters in a SPI packet. And           divides the 40 sets into 8 SPI packet. Is this step right? And the last command is SS_CMD_PARTIAL_END in every SPI packet except     last one packet. Or every SPI protocol's last command is SS_CMD_END is also OK?


2. The second question is like the last part of question 1. If I want to change different module's parameter  when I push press a button      on MCU. The changing parameters are very much. So does I also packet the SPI protocol every 5 sets parameter? And the last      command of every packet is  SS_CMD_PARTIAL_END or SS_CMD_END ?


Thanks for your help.


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