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Custom Board Support File For Multiple DSP JTAG Chain

Question asked by JohnCoffey on Aug 23, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by DavidS

How does VisualDSP++ apply an XML ArchDef file to multiple DSP in a JTAG chain?


For example we have a board with 4 x BF561s and 1 x BF533 all connected together on a single JTAG chain. See below for the platform properties . Please note that this platform was created with release 3 of VDSP5, which allowed mixed Blackfin types on a JTAG chain. Later versions of VDSP5 do not allow you to create mixed JTAG chains, but still allow mixed chains to be used that were created with older versions.


The issue we have is that the BF561 uses a different type of external SDRAM than used by the BF533 which means the emulator needs to load different register values for the EBIU depending on whether its is a BF561 or a BF533. This has not been a problem until now because we have only used internal memory, but now want to use the external memory. The default ArchDef files for the EZLITE boards are not suitable, so we need to apply a seperate Custom Board Support File for the BF561s and the BF533. Is this possible?


Even if we do not use Custom Board files and edit the default XML files, will the emulator apply the appropriate default XML file when intialising the BF561  and BF533.