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HCC Embedded Flash Translation Layer License

Question asked by akash4488 on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by CraigG
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Hi Martin,

I am working with a customised board based on BF548 and having a micron 2gb nand flash ,64mb ram and usb otg.

When i run the USB mass storage example (which is there in the VISUAL dsp++ 5 sofwtare) and i have made the following configurations in the code as follows


#define _USE_ONBOARD_PERSISTENT_MEDIA in mass_storage_app.c






i bsp_bf548.c


then it gives the following error


IT fails at the following line in mass_storage_app.c



/* If HD is NOT connected to this board */
       if (Result == ADI_DEV_RESULT_SUCCESS)
{printf("\nsucess to Register the PID with the class driver");}
     if(Result != ADI_DEV_RESULT_SUCCESS)



and the error is



!!!! A valid license has not been found !!!!

    Please contact HCC Embedded ( to arrange a license.



I would be helpful if you can please tell a workaround to overcome this problem