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AD7323 Decoupling

Question asked by cwhiteman on Jun 10, 2014
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Hello All,


In the data sheet for the AD7323 it states: "Good decoupling is also important. All analog supplies should be decoupled with 10 μF tantalum capacitors in parallel with 0.1 μF capacitors to AGND....These low ESR, low ESI capacitors provide a low impedance path to ground at high frequencies to handle transient currents due to internal logic switching."


I read on another site (Choosing between ceramic and tantalum capacitors - 31 October 2007 - Avnet Kopp - Dataweek and the section I am referring to is a few paragraphs into 'Advantages of MLCCs' though it specifically states PSU's) that I can replace this technique of a tantalum capacitor in parallel with another smaller capacitor if I use a multilayer ceramic.


Which of these techniques ould be considered 'best practice' or recommended for this component?  Are either (or both) of these techniques antiquated?


Attached is the datasheet for the AD7323.


Thanks, Cam