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ADP1055 Digital secondary pwm controller

Question asked by on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by james.xie

Hello everyone,

I would like to use ADP1055 controller at my new design. I already ordered the EVAL_BOARD but it will arrived only next month and i have some urgent questions:

1. I have big interest at the lossless snubber feature. The EVAL_BOARD demonstrate this feature? can someone provide the schematic's for this EVAL_BOARD?

2.  i would like to use this IC 3 times at same design as active clamp forward: 75W, 200W and 250W output and i dont want to use CS2 at the 250W output because the 50A output can cause efficiency derating. Is the CS2 mandatory? or its only for output measurements?

3. I need to provide 1.5% output accuracy and i know that analog IC provide the accuracy by reference voltage. i couldnt understand for shure how to calculate the overall accuracy for the output voltage.

4.What is the reason to use full bridge converter for 100-200W outputs? its interesting for me because i learned this topology is used for >500W outputs. This question refers to ADP1046A 100 Watt Evaluation Kit

5. I want to drive the primary Active clamp mosfets with an Isolated half bridge driver like ADUM3223, is it possible? i asked this questions because i saw at all provided relative schematics use icoupler device with seperate driver (as you can see at provided pic). why?לכידה.PNG


David Dayan