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Horizontal porch timing issues on ADV7612

Question asked by vphilava Employee on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by GuenterL

Regarding the AV7612,  It is on a daughter card attached to a Xilinx development platform.  Any configuration of the device is hidden from the customer.  The general problem they are seeing is related to the horizontal porch timing.  If the total horizontal blanking (front porch + pulse width + back porch) is greater than somewhere around 150 pixels everything seems fine.  If they drop the horizontal blanking below 100 pixels the color of the video into our display is incorrect.  In the 100-150 range sometimes video is good sometimes bad depending upon resolution, pixel clock rate, or something else.  The HDMI video source is a windows 8 PC.  Our display is configured as the second display (as if you were using two monitors) .They also see a weird effect where if we slide a window from the primary display onto the secondary display (video for which goes through the AV7612), a "shadow" is cast horizontally all the away across the secondary display where ever you move the window you are sliding in.