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Question asked by MICPA on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by mattp

Good morning,

I am using the ADV7511 for signal 1080p 10bit/channel speed 148,5MHz..

The communication is between TX and RX on 5" distance.

Some time the RX loses the sync and I get a black picture.


This is why I want to know if is possible to provide the following setting:


  • Sync Words present in each data stream RGB( not only on B as default). This is why my receiver is able to decode sync from all the streams.
  • I found in a old programming guide rev E the capability to adjust the current. This could make sense in my application avoiding over equilization on RX side.0XA2 is indicated as register used for this purpose, but in the document are not shown different current values for different setting. Could you please provide them?
  • Is also possible to set different delay on the output streams?


Hope you can answer soon my request,


Best Regards,