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Problem with dtmf software modules

Question asked by RicardoAT on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2010 by CraigG



I am trying to use two software modules in one project, the dtmf generator and the dtmf decoder.

I starded by the dtmf decoder example (that reads a file in a disk), and ultimately execute the "adi_dtmfd_Process" function, that decode the samples, and return the coded digit.


Well, after i created a project with this code (much like the example), the decode work.

After i started to add the generator code at this project. Everything was working until that i put (and enable) the "adi_dtmfg_Process" function, even without using it results.

To check if the problem occur when the "adi_dtmfg_Process" is enabled or not, fisrt i run the decode ("adi_dtmfd_Process") (with samples from a file), and the decode work well. After this step, the code execute the generator "adi_dtmfg_Process" funcion (and does nothing with it result). And after, the code run the decode again, but it does not work anymore.

If i execute the decode "adi_dtmfd_Process" repeatedly (without running the generator), the decode always works.


Anybody know what might be happening?