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CM403 Architecture

Question asked by avjone on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by Kritika

Hi all,


I need to know CM403 processor belongs to which category,is it Von Neumann or Harvard architecture.


In the data sheet ADSP-CM402F_CM403F_CM407F_CM408F.pdf, in page 7,under ARM CORTEX-M4-CORE,it is mentioned that "It uses a single 32-bit bus for instruction and data".So it made me to think that it falls under Von Neumann Architecture.


However the hardware manual ADSP-CM40x_hrm_rev.0.2.pdf,in page 77,under ARM Cortex-M4-Core,it is mentioned that "The processor is built on a high-performance core, with a 3-stage pipeline Harvard architecture"


I am quite confused whether CM403 processor falls under Harvard architecture or Von Neumann architecture..?


Please clarify me.


Thanks in advance,

Vijay A.