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Form a Group sharing CCES API information

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Jun 8, 2014
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Hi Out-there,


Just went searching for CCES API information update.  Not seeing anything past Nov. 2012.


Is there anybody out-there interested in sharing what they have been able to do in generating a CCES plug-in?


I have been able to handle the following in a CCES plug-in and I am willing to share the example code

Have it working for BF5XX and 214XX processors so would presume concepts would work for all


1) Add new menu items -- ghost and unghost them

2) Recognize the project directory, name

3) Add new sub-directory to project, and add files to those projects

4) modify paths and add paths (include and libraries)

5) Build a pop-up GUI displaying information about current state of testing framework


What I have not been able to do -- and work around

A) Have CCES  plug-in read a memory location from a downloaded program

WORK-AROUND:  Sort of faked BTC -- works when developing tests but not for real time performance
Periodically have the processor write a file to the PC environment and have CCES go looking for the file in a known directory

ISSUES:  What is the working directory for processor and CCES.  On VDSP I saw the system in some strange working directories -- meaning 'Add a file would add student .cpp and .h files to the debug directory under certain (unclear) circumstances'


B) Have CCES-plugin  recognize current working directory

WORK-AROUND -- The following is sufficient for my purposes at the moment

Assume starting in "debug" or "release" directory and hunt for a known file in the project using a relative path. If not found, hunt up or down a little.


C) Have CCES-plugin recognize that the current code has stopped (breakpoint) of finished

WORK-AROUND -- processor writes time stamped information and a state number to the known file.

If state number says finished -- then plug-in responds accordingly

If state number says not finished and the time stamp has not changed for a few seconds -- assume that system is stopped at breakpoint or has thrown an exception


Things without reasonable work-arounds -- All things I was able to do with VDSP


D) Be able to read detail written to the console tab


E) Jump to a specific point in an editor file based on error message on console screen (or in a file written by processor)


F) Add high-lighted keywords -- meaning editor displays my project interface highlighted


G) Switch away from the current assembler editor which does not seem to have anything like the friendliness of the C++ editor



Mike Smith