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AD9361 Problem with Slow/fast attack AGC

Question asked by Aleksei on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by DragosB

Hi All,


We use AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ AD9361 RF hardware evaluation board along with ZedBoard ZC702 Evaluation Kit.

We write our code using AD9361 no-OS driver, but with my own custum fpga design (from no-OS drivers *.h, *.c - we comment all operation with CF_AD9361_RX_BASEADDR).

no-OS driver  i download from github ( at 15.05.2014) and change some settings (see file ad9361_cfg.c).

Now, we testing only RX path.

I am change AD9361 only with no-OS functions.

For example, from our soft i change AGC mode to Manual and then set RX RF gain:

int32_t ad9361_set_rx_gain_control_mode (struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy,  uint8_t ch, uint8_t gc_mode)
int32_t ad9361_set_rx_rf_gain (struct ad9361_rf_phy *phy,    uint8_t ch, int32_t gain_db)

and it's work OK.resetting with function: ad9361_set_rx_lo_freq, ad9361_set_rx_rf_bandwidth, ad9361_set_rx_fir_config, ad9361_set_rx_fir_en_dis - work OK. We used it.


But if set Slow/Fast Attack AGC -  AGC mode didn't work. RX_FIR filters is enable (our coeff.). From signal generator we transmit sine wave 4Mhz and up/down level (dBm). See pict.png.

Where I was mistaken?