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use of ADV7619 Interrupt in DVI mode

Question asked by sban on Jun 6, 2014
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I am using ADV7619 as Single link DVI, HDCP capable receiver.


I have few doubt as below:


1. Registers values to be write for HDCP encryption and DVI Cable connect event (irrespective of DVI or HDMI  Mode)

2. As i  understand from user guide that few interrupt will work only when receiver is in HDMI mode. How can i use these interrupt in DVI mode.

     As i understand based on some parameter receiver will decide whether input stream is DVI or HDMI.

     1. What are those parameter for ADV receicer. (Generally audio information or CEC as per me)

               CEC is only for consumer application which is optional and HDMI can be without audio also so that is also optional. What                remains?

                If i can use interrupt only in HDMI mode than is there any way such that write in some specific register so that i can use the same.



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Sandeep Bansal