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SHARC 21477 software reset

Question asked by chja on Jun 6, 2014
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I have a question concerning 21477 software reset:

According to the 21477 hardware reference, a software reset (setting bit 0 of SYSCTL) should also initiate a new booting from non-volatile



However, I am testing this now on the ADSP 21479 EZ-BOARD evaluation board, and what I see is that after a software reset,

the program restarts, but the code is not loaded again from external flash.

The bootcfg pins values should be fine, since I set the booting switch on the evaluation board to position 1 (SPI Master booting).


Does anyone has experience with this? Or has an idea what is wrong in my setup? Or is a software reset not supposed to start

a new booting cycle?


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