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EE 357 Example - Fuse serial number register

Question asked by ThomasA on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by MaheshN



We are using a ADSP 21489 processor, and we are trying to get information  on the processor used, just with the software (by reading registers for example), because we are using both 4B and 5B versions and the max clock frequency is not the same.


For sure I can just read the serial number and the version on the chip with my eyes, but I want to find a solution with the software.


On the SVS code example for ADSP 21489, there are 3 addresses in "define" :



#define SVS_1   ((volatile unsigned int *)0x30106)      // Fuse Serial Number register[31:0] 

#define SVS_2   ((volatile unsigned int *)0x30107)      // Fuse Serial Number register[63:32]

#define SVS_3   ((volatile unsigned int *)0x30108)      // Fuse Serial Number register[96:64]


I'm wondering if these registers can provide any information about the chip ? (I would like to test and read it, but I don't have the chip for now...).


So if you have any idea about these registers, this would be very helpful !

Else, if someone knows another register that could help me.. ?


Thank you !