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ADV7612 & ADV7511 black screen problem

Question asked by stef344 on Jun 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by mattp

hello i'am a french studient (scuse me for my incorrect english),


I work with a personnal card for my final projec.

On this card there is an adv7612 and an adv7511.

i have a SPARTAN6 programmed in 'pass through' between the two ADV.


but when i put an hdmi device in input of the ADV7612, and i put an hdmi monitor on the output pinf of the ADV7511, i have a black screen, but the monitor detect the card.



then can you help me to resolve the problem please?


What registers must be use?

Must i configurate the ADV? How?

Must i create a folder for the EDID? How?





thank you for your help