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Pixel Compositor Driver Question

Question asked by DampSquid on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2010 by bala

I am writing a set of C++ classes to wrap some of the drivers for the BF548 EzKit board.


The applications we will be writing will mostly be for video processing using a mix of imaging devices so i want to make my classes as flexible as possible.


I've wrapped the Pixc driver up in a class and I am using a Job queue system to select the operations required as even within one application these may vary and may need to do independant colorspace conversions and overlay operations on differing images/video feeds.


I have the class working but in order to reconfigure the Pixc per job I have had to close the Pixc Driver after every job completes and reopen it each time to setup the new parameters.  This is working fine and from the profiler would not appear to be impacting the performance very much, but I am just wondering if I have missed something.


I have used the code in the BF548 PixcVideoOut example as the basis for my class.  If i dont close the driver but just try to reconfigure the Pixc driver the


adi_dev_Control( PixcDriverHandle, ADI_DEV_CMD_TABLE, (void *) PixcConfig)   returns error 0x00030002


Have I missed something simple or do i have to close and reopen the driver to reconfigure the conversion/overlay modes.