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AD9361 ADC peak overload detector calibration

Question asked by SagiDinner on Jun 5, 2014
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Hello ,


one of my applications using MGC  to control the the RF chain gain.

In order to understand how to do it I started to investigate the LMT and the ADC overload peak detectors with the EVB.


As I understanding from reading the "AD9361 Reference Manual " ADCoverloading accurse when the error between the ADC samples to the input signal will create  samples value of +4 or -4 , ( the ADC can't track the input signal).


So if I will have  significant change in the input signal that will cause the ADC to loss track (not valid information about the input signal),I  have to change the gain in order to help the ADC  tracking  the input signal?


My logic is right?


How can I relate the input signal delta to "Z" value?