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AD9361 read RSSI using no-OS

Question asked by pharbour on Jun 5, 2014
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I am using a AD9361 with no-OS software.  I am using the AD9361 with a custom interfaced Altera SoC FPGA design, we do not have all the Xilinx FPGA HW support.  Our setup runs correctly, we can exercise console commands correctly to control the AD9361.  I want to read RX RSSI.  There is a API function ad9361_get_rx_rssi.  What is the appropriate scaling for the output values?  For example the rssi structure defines the members rssi.symbol and rssi.preamble.  Looking at the ad9361 function ad9361_read_rssi the scaling for these members is VARIABLE/100 (dB), I believe.  There does not appear to be direct console support for RX RSI reads in the command.c console listings, so I introduced a function to do so.  But, when I observe the rssi readings versus the composite signal amplitude they do not appear to make sense.  Is there a verified method for reading the RX RSSI using the no-OS software?