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Video shift in decoder output

Question asked by p.s.manikandan on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2010 by p.s.manikandan

I am using ADV7441A with a video processor on the down stream. I see a horizontal pixel shift in the video output for 525i and 525p component inputs. My post processor is hardcoded to see the input[ADV's output] for specific porch values. This shift varies for the same input resolutions from different sources. ADV's output sync measures like this:


1. 525i input source 1 [14 pixel horizontal shift]


hblank = 4.28usec
front porch = 1.18usec
h sync width = 4.72usec


2. 525i input source 2 [8 pixel horizontal shift]


hblank = 4.30usec
front porch = 1.18usec
h sync width = 4.74usec


My video processor is hardcoded to see the input video window like this:

Total pixels = 858

Active pixels = 720

H front proch = 16

H sync width = 64


Where's this shift happening?...How to keep ADV's output active video window in sync with it's input active video window?..I am able to get desired video window by adjusting "START_HS[9:0]" manually but, i want that to be automated. can anyone help?.