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BF548 mass storage app(usin the RAM for mass storage)

Question asked by akash4488 on Jun 5, 2014
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the following discussion is regarding the MASS STORAGE APP for BF548 (USING on board RAM as the mass storage media)


It is correct that the board is enumerated as a storage device (H:/) when it is connected to PC via usb and so i can read/write/acccess a file from PC using the drive name.


But my question is how to access this on board RAM FROM THE BF548 processor that is on board

1.(what i want is copy a file(say file 1) from PC to the board via usb process the file(file1) on board using BF548(NO INTERVENTION FROM pc)


3. and then copy the new file(say file2)(that is generated after the on board processing by BF548 to PC AGAIN).


so my question is about acessing the file 1 , in the step 2 ,on board via bf548.



Also i would like to clarify that in the question above , now i am able to complete the steps 1 and step 2 i.e I am able to read a file into an unsigned char array using memcpy(array name,file location(in hex),length of data).
However when i want to write the data back to this memory location,then it is not doing it.


i have copied the data to the onboard  RAM (enumerated as mass storage on PC), The data is stored starting from address 0x8cd8 in SDRAM0_Block0.

Now i copy the data to my buffer using  

u8 array1[430] = {0x00};

then i do some processing on the data in array1 i.e
void Process(array1);


Now when i execute memcpy(0x8cd8,array1,400);  then the data in the memory location 0x8cd8
does not changes . Can you please provide some help on it



  The following code I have added in the conditional
If loop
if(IsConnected == True)
void Process(array1);//process is a mathematical processing on the data