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ADV7844 STDI BL with 1080p input

Question asked by JerryS on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by GuenterL



I have tried to check STDI status with 1080p Input.

I found Table 56 of H/W guide BL_CH1 value is "848" much different from my read back BL_CH1 value is "3388".

Is anything I missing? or ADI has new update H/W guide.


My STDI value is as below.

The STDI_DVALID_CH1 is "1", and read back BL_CH1 is 0xD3C (hex) = 3388 (Dec),

SCVS_CH1= 0x05(hex),

SCF_CH1=0x464 (hex) = 1124(dec),

FLCL= 0x74a (hex) = 1866 (Dec)