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Ad9834/DDS programming

Question asked by baban79 on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2014 by sitti

Dear Sittie/Joel,

Thanks to both for nicely explaining issues on my query.

Can you kindly now help to program DDS, 9834 and AD9958 for applying controlled freq sweeps (1-30MHz), phase etc to ad8302. Also, I want to read /log o/ps magnitude and phase information from ad8302 for the applied freq sweeps. The freq sweeps generated from DDS would be applied to ad8302 (INPB: fixed; INPA: load inserted). The o/ps of ad8302 would be logged appropriately. Please guide on following requirements.

1.Readily available programming libraries/drivers for DDS to o/p controlled frequ, phase etc.

2.What sampling rate and resolution of ADC would be required for my case given above to read ad8302 o/ps.

3.Readily available programming libraries/drivers for ad8302 to read its o/ps for said freq sweep

4.You may like to provide support in the cases such as: use of microcontroller; use of PC / laptop

5.Proposed driver / software can be written for microcontroller or using VB/VC++ platforms. You may kindly supply resources and guidance for both platforms.


Sincere regards,