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looking for the ADV7635 'Blimp API Quick Reference Guide' document

Question asked by fbonser on Jun 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Good afternoon,


I have recently downloaded the version 3.3 Blimp that supports the ADV7625 for evaluation.

I have also downloaded the documentation package that includes the Blimp_ADV7625_Framework_Manual' and the 'Blimp_User_Manual'

In reading the manuals, I find that there is reference to another document called 'Blimp API Quick Reference Guide'.  I am hopeful that this document will fill in some of the holes in the other 2 docs mentioned.


I am having trouble making a couple of things work.... maybe you have some sample code you could share??


1)  I am having difficulty getting the Image animation to work.  I have created the images and place them in the library and configured the animation with the 'Image Animation Editor'.  When I build and run in the Emulator I see the first image tile, but no animation.  (and it IS enabled).

If I try to set some of the parameters in the Code window (ADI Scirpt window) I get compile errors.


2) The thing I am trying to do with little success is adding and using multiple pages.  The documents do not give enough information for me to figure out how it needs to be implemented.


Both of the above could easily be figured out if a bit of sample code were available.