2014-06-04 pre-build images update available

Discussion created by larsc Employee on Jun 4, 2014



We released a updated version of the pre-build images. This is a bug fix only release in which the following bugs were fixed:

  • ZC702: Fix u-boot environment access
    • On the ZC702 based systems u-boot was unable to access the flash chip and it was not possible to store or modify the default u-boot environment.
  • ZC702 FMCOMMS2/FMCOMMS3/FMCOMMS4: Fixed Ethernet
    • Ethernet was not working correctly with the ZC702 FMCOMMS2/FMCOMMS3/FMCOMMS4 images.
  • FMCOMMS4: Fixed swapped samples for transmit DMA
    • When transmitting a custom waveform using the DMA transfer every other two samples were swapped. I.e. the order of transmitted samples was 1, 0, 3, 2, ... All FMCOMMS4 systems were affected by this issue.


If you are using any of the affected systems we recommend that you update.


To update your image open up a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) on the target system and run the following command:




This will download the latest pre-build images and populate your SD card with them. The script will try to automatically detect your current system and copy the correct BOOT.bin and devicetree.dtb to the root folder of the BOOT partition. If the current configuration is not detected correctly (e.g. if you have a custom BOOT.bin or devicetree.bin) you need to manually copy the BOOT.bin and devicetree.dtb from the sub-folder for your system as described in this guide.


- Lars