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ADAU1701 WP pin always high?

Question asked by MCastany on Jun 4, 2014
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On a project I'm doing with the ADAU1701, I'm implementing a touch-controlled volume push button with the GPIO's pins of the chip.


The design will not save the volume that was setted when powering down the device. In other words, the ADAU will start always with the same pre-defined volume level.


To implement this in SigmaStudio, I saw I have to add an interface read/write to be able to compile the project (in order to not leave the yellow pins of the PushVolM1 unconnected (picture attached)).


In the evaluation board, the WP pin of the ADAU1701 is always HIGH. The WP of the E2PROM has a switch to pull it down while burning and then pull it HIGH for protecting overwrittings when running in selfboot.


The WB pin on my design is always LOW, so the writeback to the E2PROM is disabled.


And now the question: if in the SigmaStudio project there is an interface read/write but in hardware design the WB is LOW, and both ADAU and E2PROM WP pins HIGH (running in selfboot mode), will there be any problem?


I hope I explained myself.


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