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ADSP 21489 - SVS DAT register

Question asked by ThomasA on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by Jithul_Janardhanan



I am trying to run my ADSP 21489 up to 450 MHz (for now running at 400MHz). So I read EE 357, I used the example, but when I run the program, it returns 0.65V as static voltage (which means a value of 0 in the SVS register).


So I tried to read independently each register, from 0x110 to 0x117, just to be sure this value is correct.

And I got these 7 bits (selected as said in the EE 357) :


SVS DAT 4 : 000 001 0

SVS DAT 5 : 000 000 0

SVS DAT 6 : 000 000 0

SVS DAT 7 : 000 111 0


So, with parity controls, SVS 4 and SVS 7 are not correct.

It remains SVS 5 which is equal to SVS 6, but the value is 0...


But this value should not be correct because 0 is really strange, and because 6-7 is not a copy of 4-5, as it should normally be.


Is this normal ? Or what does this mean ? Or how can I read correctly the SVS ?



As a precision, the processor I am using is a ADSP 21489 4B version, so maybe this one can't run up to 450MHz. In this case, how can I see that this version can't run faster ? (A special value in SVS register - more special that this one, or somewhere else for instance).


I noticed too that SVS 0-3 are respectively identical to SVS 4-7.



Thank you !