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Need help with AD9608BCPZ-125 pins connections

Question asked by sunil@Accord on Jun 4, 2014
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  I am using an AD9608BCPZ-125 ADC. I would like to operate in both "INTERLEAVED PARALLEL LVDS " & "PARALLEL CMOS" modes.I have connected all the required pins to FPGA for operating it in both modes.

I have some doubts,

In "PARALLEL CMOS" mode pins 25, 26 etc., are NC, but in "INTERLEAVED PARALLEL LVDS " mode they act as Clock and Data.

So when I am using it in "PARALLEL CMOS" what level ( VCC or GND or High-Impedance )  should I have to maintain on these pins ( 25,26.., )

Its very URGENT, expecting your reply ASAP.