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Configuring EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ with I2C from external device

Question asked by oaklanddad on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2014 by oaklanddad

Dear Sir/Madam,


We have the EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ board working well from Aves 3 scripts, but we need to make this demo more 'executive-friendly' by not having a tethered PC configure the board every time we power it up.  We'd like to use an external device (BeagleBone Black) configure the ADV7625.


I know there's a header (J13) for the Aardvark I2C adapter, but I didn't see any info on how that's used.  If we boot up the EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ board with a jumper installed between pins 1 & 2 of J15, can we simply use the SDA and SCL pins of J13 to program the ADV7625 from an external I2C master?


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