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AD9910 Externally Trigger Frequency Ramp

Question asked by zek on Jun 2, 2014
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I have been working with the AD9910 evaluation board for some time now using the evaluation software to generate a continuously repeating frequency ramp.  I use the Internal IO Update and Auto Clear Digital Ramp Accum. to reset the sweep every 2 ms.  I now want to be able to trigger the sweep manually and externally.


From reading the manual, I should be able to do this if I:

1) Enable the Auto Clear Digital Ramp Accumulator bit

2) Set DRCTL to high

3) Trigger I/O Update every time I want to generate a sweep


These 3 events do not seem to trigger a sweep so I was wondering if there were other steps I am missing.  Or if there has been another thread that addresses this issue.