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ADP5134: if intentionally unenabled, will a regulator block PG?

Question asked by wabri on May 31, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by LucaV

For powering my MCU, I need buck1, buck2, and LDO1 only. I'm happy with those precision enables, as they allow me to tailor an ideal startup sequence. When finished, I expect the ADP5134 PG pin to go high and unlock the MCU.


Problem: I need to reserve LDO2 for an externally accessible memory card connector, which should not be powered at boot time. So I will leave EN4 pin at logic low.


I wonder if the ADP5134 is intelligent enough to know what I'm doing, i.e. intentionally use only three out of four regulators.

Or would this prevent the PG pin from going high, thus keep my processor in reset?