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Timing 38-249 ERROR: Timing Constraints NOT met on FMComms1 ZC702 AD9643 compile

Question asked by psteinke on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by rejeesh

After updating all the Xilinx cores to the latest versions so the fmcomms1 for zc702 AD9643 board would compile, I now get the following error, and am struggling to fix it. Please advise... Paul...


CRITICAL WARNING: [Timing 38-249] Generated clock inst/i_mmcm_drp/mmcm_clk_0_s has no logical paths from master clock clk_fpga_1.

Resolution: Review the path between the master clock and the generated clock with the schematic viewer and correct the -source option. If it is correct and the master clock does not have a timing path to the generated clock, define the generated clock as a primary clock by using create_clock.


WARNING: [Timing 38-164] This design has multiple clocks. Inter clock paths are considered valid unless explicitly excluded by timing constraints such as set_clock_groups or set_false_path.

ERROR: Timing Constraints NOT met.