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ADAU1761 Differential Line in pins Bias voltage

Question asked by metinburak on May 30, 2014
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I have a custom board which has 2 adau1761 codecs on it.


I am using the codec's line in inputs as differential inputs, so i use LINN and LINP adnd bias them like the schematic in the atachment.


I have 600 ohms sound source which i will capture from differential Line in inputs. I use a 1:2 transformer for this purpose. So far, it has worked well, but i want to know if i get the captured sound higher using some parameters.


In the datasheet, it says that the Linp and Linn should be biased at AVDD/2. If this voltage is lower than AVDD/2, what happens?What is the tolerance? Can i change this bias voltage to get the input sound higher?


And, looking at my schematic, can i do something to make the incoming sound higher?