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AD5420 -- NO output

Question asked by JAHanekom on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by JAHanekom

Good day.


I am using the AD5420 with a PIC 16LF1936. On power up I first do a reset function, then write 0x1005 (No external Resistor) to the control register. after a delay of 10ms I write 0x8000 to the data register.


I am still not getting and output. I decided to start reading the registers and the data and control register reads the correct value.


I did notice that the status register show I out Fault. When I powered up the first time I noticed that the chip was starting to heat up. I found that pin 16 was unconnected (using internal supply 4.5VDC) and pin 2 was connected to the 3.3VDC power. I removed the track and I measure on pin 2 the 4.5VDC. The reference (pin 15) i am using the REFout (pin 14) (bridged).


I am able to read and write to the AD5420, but the I out fault status bit is always set and no output. I did try two different multimeters, but with no luck.