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Config ADV7612

Question asked by SOO3931123 on May 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by GuenterL

Hi ADI engineers!

I am using your ADV7612 and ADV7511 IC,.The 7612 does not operate. I was hoping you provide any clues as to why the ADV7612 does not output video?

MyADV7612  IIC config data is below

  16'd0: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd1: config_data = 8'hF4;        //Base register address

  16'd2: config_data = 8'h80;        //CEC MAP I2C address



  16'd3: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd4: config_data = 8'hF5;        //Base register address

  16'd5: config_data = 8'h7C;        //INFOFRAME Map I2C address


  16'd6: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd7: config_data = 8'hF8;        //Base register address

  16'd8: config_data = 8'h4C;        //DPLL Map I2C address


  16'd9: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd10: config_data = 8'hF9;        //Base register address

  16'd11: config_data = 8'h64;        //KSV Map I2C address


  16'd12: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd13: config_data = 8'hFA;        //Base register address

  16'd14: config_data = 8'h6C;        //EDID Map I2C address


  16'd15: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd16: config_data = 8'hFB;        //Base register address

  16'd17: config_data = 8'h68;         //HDMI Map I2C address


  16'd18: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd19: config_data = 8'hFD;        //Base register address

  16'd20: config_data = 8'h44;        //CP Map I2C address



/////////set HDMI mode

  16'd21: config_data = 8'h44;        //Slave address

  16'd22: config_data = 8'h6C;        //Base register address

  16'd23: config_data = 8'h00;


  16'd24: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd25: config_data = 8'h9B;        //Base register address

  16'd26: config_data = 8'h03;


  16'd27: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd28: config_data = 8'h6F;        //Base register address

  16'd29: config_data = 8'h08;      



  16'd30: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd31: config_data = 8'h85;        //Base register address

  16'd32: config_data = 8'h1F;       



  16'd33: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd34: config_data = 8'h87;        //Base register address

  16'd35: config_data = 8'h70;  


  16'd36: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd37: config_data = 8'h57;        //Base register address

  16'd38: config_data = 8'hDA;


  16'd39: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd40: config_data = 8'h58;        //Base register address

  16'd41: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd42: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd43: config_data = 8'h03;        //Base register address

  16'd44: config_data = 8'h98;


  16'd33: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd34: config_data = 8'h4C;        //Base register address

  16'd35: config_data = 8'h44;



////////////////Hot Plug Assert

  16'd36: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd37: config_data = 8'h20;        //Base register address

  16'd38: config_data = 8'hF8;        //Manually assert hot plug on port A


  16'd39: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd40: config_data = 8'h20;        //Base register address

  16'd41: config_data = 8'hF4;        //Manually assert hot plug on port B


////////////////set non-fast switching

  16'd42: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd43: config_data = 8'hC1;        //Base register address

  16'd44: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd45: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd46: config_data = 8'hC2;        //Base register address

  16'd47: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd48: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd49: config_data = 8'hC3;        //Base register address

  16'd50: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd51: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd52: config_data = 8'hC4;        //Base register address

  16'd53: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd54: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd55: config_data = 8'hC5;        //Base register address

  16'd56: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd57: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd58: config_data = 8'hC6;        //Base register address

  16'd59: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd60: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd61: config_data = 8'hC7;        //Base register address

  16'd62: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd63: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd64: config_data = 8'hC8;        //Base register address

  16'd65: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd66: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd67: config_data = 8'hC9;        //Base register address

  16'd68: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd69: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd70: config_data = 8'hCA;        //Base register address

  16'd71: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd72: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd73: config_data = 8'hCB;        //Base register address

  16'd74: config_data = 8'h01;


  16'd75: config_data = 8'h68;        //Slave address

  16'd76: config_data = 8'hCC;        //Base register address

  16'd77: config_data = 8'h01;


////////////set video output

  16'd78: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd79: config_data = 8'h03;        //Base register address

  16'd80: config_data = 8'h46;        //36-bit SDR 4:4:4 Mode 1


  16'd81: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd82: config_data = 8'h00;        //Base register address

  16'd83: config_data = 8'h13;      


  16'd84: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd85: config_data = 8'h01;        //Base register address

  16'd86: config_data = 8'h13;


  16'd87: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd88: config_data = 8'h0C;        //Base register address

  16'd89: config_data = 8'h42;        //0x0C[5]=0; Chip is operational


  16'd90: config_data = 8'h98;        //Slave address

  16'd91: config_data = 8'h15;        //Base register address

  16'd92: config_data = 8'hA0;        //LLC active; Pixel bus active; Sync output pins active