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About ADV7611 free run at 576i

Question asked by Freitag on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 31, 2014 by GuenterL

Hi ,

I'm trying to set adv7611 to run in free run mode and output a 8bit BT656 stream for 576i@50Hz,

to simulate a standard PAL input  to my CSI port of i.MX6 processor.


Here are my register settings:


io_write(0x00, 0x01);

io_write(0x01, 0x15); // 720x576i@50Hz 

io_write(0x02, 0xf5);   /* Auto CSC, YCbCr out, enable op_656 bit */

io_write(0x03, 0x00);   /* 8 bit ITU Bt656, YUV422 */

io_write(0x04, 0x02);   /* 28.63636MHz input */

io_write(0x05, 0x28);   /* AV Codes Off */

io_write(0x0b, 0x44);   /* Power up part */

io_write(0x0c, 0x42);   /* Power up part */

io_write(0x14, 0x7F);   /* Max drive strength */

io_write(0x15, 0x80);   /* Disable tristate */

io_write(0x19, 0xC3);   /* Enable LLC DLL */

io_write(0x33, 0x40);   /* Muxes the DLL output on LLC output */


cp_write(0xba, 0x01);   /* Enable HDMI FreeRun, mode 0*/

cp_write(0xBF, 0x17);   // # FORCE FREE RUN; Manual color settings

cp_write(0xC0, 0x00);   // # Manual color: Green channel

cp_write(0xC1, 0x00);   // # Manual color: Red channel

cp_write(0xC2, 0xA0);   // # Manual color: Blue channel

cp_write(0xC9, 0x2D);   // # Disable auto buffering of free-run parameters


With these settings, we can measure that the output pixclk is 27MHz,

and also Vsync, Hsync signals seem good.


But we can't capture data at the CSI port, even the CSI configuration is the same as

a working configuration with  a ADV7180 chip in 8Bit  BT656 PAL mode.


Are the above register settings correct for this purpose?