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u-boot does not build correctly using buildroot - BF537 on dnp5370

Question asked by MaelFichou on May 28, 2014
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I had a problem when I try to build a new u-boot loader for a dnp5370 target (bf537). Here is the problem (following the thread about the can4linux and RS232 compatibility).

- I download the last u-boot version available for blackfin (took the repository you gave in a previous thread), and build it:

     o using buildroot, I get a u-boot.bin that does not work : the u-boot can be started, but it stops at the following instruction. I get no information on why it doesn't work.

     o when I build directly in the u-boot directory (output/build/u-boot and make dnp5370), I get a u-boot.bin different (bigger) and that one works fine. I can start it on the target after a tftp transfert, and I even use it to start the old uImage (it still doesn't work with the new one). But if I put that uboot in flash, to replace my old uboot version, the blackfin crashes at start ("something bad happen to blackfin\n Blackfin internal error", a dump problem it seems), with a reset loop.

Of course I killed my target, and I spent my last week to buy a gnICE to download the old uboot and uImage.


I used only the default parameters, except that I have selected DNP5370 or Bfin everywhere I needed to (kernel and target config).

First question, do you have any idea on why the u-boot built with buildroot is wrong?

Second, why do I get a kernel panic on start-up of u-boot when it is in flash, while it works in ram? I checked, the copy is correct (I followed instruction I found on the bfin uclinux website).


I'm sorry I have very few data for bug tracking, I can send config but as I said, it'on mainly default (I made a make distclean before my last tests)


Thanks again for helping, I don't give up!