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AVES3 & Scripts for ADV8003

Question asked by 92107 on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by mattp

When I was learning how to use the ADV7842 I was able to use AVES2 and scripts to educate myself.  I was hoping to do the same with AVES3 and scripts for the ADV8003.  From other posts it sounds like AVES3 won't support the ADV8003 and there won't be scripts.  Is that accurate?


Assuming the answer to the question above is yes, I'm trying to figure out how to start learning the ADV8003 registers and configurations.  I'm connected to the Blackfin of the ADV8003 dev kit via Teraterm but it's not obvious this will give what I need.  So let me pose the following questions:


1) When I power the board I connect a 1080p60 input and see it displayed properly on the output.  How do I see exactly what the Blackfin did to make this happen, both what it polled to determine the input and what it configured?  Do I have to resort to snooping the I2C bus with an Aardvark or is there a way via the Teraterm interface?  Experimenting with commands that had "log" in them didn't prove too helpful.


2) Let's say I wanted to take SXGA/60Hz coming into the TMDS input, scale it to 1350x1080 (maintain aspect ratio), frame rate convert to 50Hz, then place it inside 1920x1080 with black fill on the sides (I think ADI calls this album mode), and send it to TMDS output 1.  What's my best course of action to learn how?  If there were scaling setup scripts, frame buffer setup scripts, album mode setup scripts, etc. I could piece together those examples to paint the big picture.  So if there are no scripts is there another method of education or is it simply to dive into the register definitions and learn via trial and error?