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Using AD9914 output a 100MHz sine wave with serial programming

Question asked by happywarwick on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by sitti

Hi, guys. I use CPLD to control AD9914 output a sine wave. However, it doesn't

work yet. I write serial program to control it. Source is 50MHz, I use CPLD to divide it into 25MHz and output it to REF_CLK. With using internal PLL to multiply to 2.5GHz.

Here are the parameters I set.

VCO cal enable = 1

Enable sine output = 1

Profile mode enable = 1

PLL enable = 1

Feedback Divider = 32

Profile 0(0B) = 0a3d70a4


external pin ext_power_down = 0


however I can't make it.


I hope u can help me to solve this problem, i'm a green man on this.


thank u very much.