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ADV7612 Control Registers to Adjust HDMI Input Port Timing?

Question asked by adiup on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by GuenterL

To whom it may concern,




One of the HDMI inputs to the ADV7612 works fine up to 720p60/1080i60.  However, at 1080p60 the ADV7612 sees an unstable video signal (console output gets flooded with bad resolution information).  One of our engineers checked the board layout and suspects that the traces for the HDMI clock signal may be shorter than the data traces.  The impedance on the data traces may also not be right.


For reference, the issue we are experiencing is on Port A of the ADV7612.  The ADV7612 and other devices are on a daughter card, which connects to a main board.  The main board supplies Port A with HDMI from a GPU, and Port B gets connected to an external HDMI connector.  Port B is working fine, even up to 1080p60.  We have thus isolated the issue to that signal path between the GPU and the ADV7612.




Are there any settings on the ADV7612 that could be used to work around this issue?  Or perhaps recommended modifications we can make to the prototype boards to try and fix this problem.


Thank you in advance for any help on resolving this issue.