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AD9625 Eval board clock and memory depth

Question asked by rosanahm on May 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by IanB

They mention that I should have a low-jitter clock source. I have a signal generator I can use but it's jitter spec is 500fs rms. Is that ok?

I want to use this as a data capture tool. If I buy the HSC-ADC-EVALEZ board, how many samples can I store?

Also, I already have a virtex 7 VC707 evaluation kit ( It has 2 HPC-FMC connectors, each with 8 GTX transceivers at 12.5 Gb/s. Would I be able to use this with the ad9625 evaluation board instead of the HSC-ADC-EVALEZ? Do you have any code available?